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Indoor Growing Compartments

by CarbonActive GmbH

Introducing our High-End Grow Rooms: developed for our customers with technical expertise and maximum transparency to deliver optimum profitability.

Indoor Growing Compartments: Willkommen
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Exactly in line with your requirements, we construct our complete "ready-to-grow" IGCs within a matter of weeks – specifically designed to optimise handling, work processes and efficiency. Within the shortest time we define the options you want and quote an all-inclusive price with a functional guarantee.

Free-Standing Units

They are the outcome of many years' experience in meeting our customers' wishes, verifying their feasibility and implementing them in the construction of cannabis rooms: our standardised process saves our customers time, trouble and money.

The IGCs are stand-alone units, which operate as high-end grow room.

IGCs are the result of years of building cannabis rooms and the experience we derived from dealing with customer needs, feasibility, and implementation.

We construct them completely according to your requirements in a matter of weeks, ready to grow and with the optimum design for hand- ling, processes and efficiency.

Indoor Growing Compartments: Event-Services

Fill out the operational analysis now and we will be pleased to contact you promptly. It's worth it! 

Welcome to our game-changing innovation!
Standard IGC 5m x 10m

This ready-to-use solution especially for Cannabis Clubs, is an excellent alternative to growing in a tent.

With the IGC Standard, we want to support beginners in a professional direction by presenting an offer that provides a balance between costs and benefits.

Look forward to a unique space that allows you to make significant profits with minimal investment, while keeping risk to a minimum.

Installation of the standardized ICG is straightforward and the use of standardized and proven concepts ensure you can get started right away. Other important features: high reliability and durability, easy maintenance, and a robust design that meets even the most demanding requirements.

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Requirement for installation site:

ceiling height higher than 4m, distance between columns greater than 5.5m


SANLight lighting with 800μMol

Control cabinet

incl. all components / CE compliant and ready for use

Dimensions IGC Exterior:

5m width, 10m length, 3.8m height


2 pcs. rolling benches 2 m x 9m (27.9 ft.) = 34 m2 (366 ft2) planting area


The system is assembled on site.

The connection of the supply and exhaust air must be considered separately and installed by a local ventilation company.

As well as the filling of the coolant must be done via a local partner.


with air conditioner for cooling and heating in semi-loop system

Control system

All in one Siemens control system for air, climate and light


from CHF 79'999.00*

*please contact us for more detailed information


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