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Cannabis Facility Engineering

by CarbonActive GmbH

Cannabis Facility Engineering: Willkommen

Facility Engineering

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."

We offer discerning corporate clients advice and support with designing and implementing exceptional solutions. 

Our Facility Engineering projects are based on in-depth dialogue with you. Our teams include specialists with highly individual technological expertise – as well as all-rounders who think holistically.

From day one, we will offer you comprehensive, professional support, no matter what issue you are facing: an analysis of weak points, for example; optimisation of your existing facility – or even the planning and implementation of a complete customised solution.

We would be happy to accompany you in your project from the very beginning.

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Research Facility

CarbonActive research facilities are developed to gain deeper insights. The goal is to be able to provide our customers with the perfect turnkey-ready GMP room.

Despite the existence of a basic understanding, in many respects industry-specific knowledge in cannabis cultivation is still in its infancy. Here we provide established firms as well as those new to the industry a platform to find helpful answers in a standardised environment.

Cannabis Facility Engineering: Event-Services

Fill out the operational analysis now and we will be pleased to contact you promptly. It's worth it! 

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“Solid planning can save more than 35% of overall costs”

Marc Montandon

“The right choice of location considerably minimises the risk of bad planning.”

In our consulting projects, we engage in an intensive dialogue with you. Our teams are comprised of both experts in specific technolo- gies as well as all-rounders who focus on the big picture.

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Cannabis Facility Engineering: Über mich
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